The COVID-19 pandemic has led physical therapists to utilize alternative service methods, including telerehabilitation services. Follow this page for the latest telerehabilitation resources, courses, and guidelines.

Learning Opportunities and Resources

  • Webinar #1 (Oct 7, 2020): Innovative virtual care: Uniting data from wearables with activity counselling  - Watch the recording here! 
  • Webinar #2 (Nov 4, 2020):  Practical virtual care: Tips 4 Telerehabilitation from a Panel of your PT Peers - Watch the recording here!
  • Webinar #3 (Mar 10, 2021): Effective virtual care: Evaluation Strategies for Clinicians - Watch the recording here! 
  • Webinar #4 (May 26, 2021): The business of virtual care  - More info here!

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Telerehabilitation Resource Infographic

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Insurance Providers and Funders Updates

We have been working with a number of extended benefit providers about providing physiotherapy via virtual care (telerehabilitation services):

Progress is updated as we hear from them:


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