Interim Physios and Physiotherapy Competency Exam (PCE)

Interim Physios and Physiotherapy Competency Exam (PCE)

PABC continues to advocate on behalf of Interim Physios who have been impacted by PCE cancellations since 2020. There are meetings and planning happening, and this information will inevitably change. We will keep members updated on the latest information via email and on this page as it becomes available.

“The Board is closely following the situation and, as outlined by the CEO below, is putting many hours of advocacy into this issue on behalf of all affected members. Although this is a national issue, it does fall into provincial jurisdiction; hence PABC’s Board and CEO are actively involved in advocating for solutions. We have offered, and continue to offer, assistance to CAPR to run a BC exam. This appears especially relevant given the huge variability in COVID-19 impacts from province to province.”
- Alex Scott, PABC Past Board President


2022 Interim Physio Advocacy Updates

UBC Successfully Administers Virtual Exams for 346 Interims in BC

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Joint Statement from Branches of CPA

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CAPR Updates

CAPR Seeking Members for Expert Advisory Panel

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CAPR Discontinues Clinical Component

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CAPR Seeking Members for Evaluation Services Committee

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2021 Interim Physio Advocacy Updates

Relaunch of Clinical Exam

CAPR began the relaunch of the clinical exam on September 8, 2021 with two more administrations on September 11 and 13. On September 14, CAPR announced another cancellation of the virtual clinical exam. Read the full update here and take a look at our statement in response to the cancellation. Christine Bradstock, our CEO, has been working tirelessly and will continue to do so to get BC's interim physios licensed as quickly as possible. Follow us on social media for further updates.



Successful PCE Exam in BC

On June 26, 2021, the College of Physical Therapists of British Columbia, the UBC Department of Physical Therapy and the students successfully ran a virtual PCE Exam in BC! PABC congratulates and would also like to applaud the Ministry of Health for allowing the change in the bylaws enabling the students to take the exam.

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PABC Advocacy for Interim Physios

PABC has been connecting with multiple groups on this issue:

  • Over the last couple of months, we meet at least weekly for a CPA and all-Branch staff meetings. And have been meeting several times per month prior. One of these meetings included CAPR.
  • We have had several Branch President Forum (staff and Presidents and CPA) meetings.
  • We have had several meetings with CPTBC (some staff and others, including Alex Scott, President).
  • We have had three meetings with the Ministry of Health (MoH), Allied Health Division.
  • We have met with and stay connected to the BC Interim Physio group.

All these meetings bring the issues and concerns to the forefront as we continue to push for a solutions-based approach. With our conversations with the MoH, we are speaking with the Allied Health Group. They in turn are talking to the Regulatory Group (this is the group that the College works with). Our discussions are particularly good, and the Allied Health Group is most sympathetic to the issues and they are outlining those to the Regulatory Group. We will continue to push for solutions, and the Board will continue to meet, discuss further and push for solutions.

When focused on solutions the Board is looking at:

Short-term Plan 

Helping the Interims become fully licensed as quickly as possible. At the PABC Board meetings, the Board is focused on staying connected with multiple stakeholders to try to move to a resolution. The Board will continue to actively push for solutions and information on progress.

Longer-term Plan

Assessing the members' interest concerning the future of the National exams and the role of PABC in this process at the next set of Board meetings, the Board will discuss plans to determine the membership's interest and potentially the next steps with respect to PABCs role in advocating for changes to the national exams.


Further Updates

2021.09.14 Statement about CAPR's Virtual Exam Cancellation
Congratulations BC PCE Exam

Since the cancellation of the exam in  March, 2021 the PABC social media channels have been a platform for members and non-members to have their voices heard. We support the passion of our physiotherapists and have issued various statements over the weeks.

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