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A woman with glasses is sitting in front of a computer and holding a pen.
Dec 04, 2023

Guidelines are essential tools in healthcare decision-making, but there are so many out there. How do you know which ones to trust? This recent article from the BMJ's Family Medicine and Community...
Dec 01, 2023

We recently became aware of increased audits of physiotherapy clinics and physiotherapists by Pacific Blue Cross (PBC). In some cases, these audits have led to demands for repayment of substantial...
BC News Update
Nov 23, 2023

Pay Transparency Update Beginning November 1, 2023, all employers in British Columbia are required to include salary or wage details in their publicly advertised job postings. This new mandate, under...
Older man holding the back of his neck in pain. Text reads: physio finds: headache and neck pain
Nov 01, 2023

Do you treat patients with headache and neck pain complaints? Want to learn more about conditions like tension-type headache, balance disorder, migraine, cervicogenic headache, whiplash, & etc.? The...
Image of a doctor holding a model of a spinal cord and speaking to a patient. Includes title of article: Physio Finds: Should we give patients what they want? Patient expectations and financial pressures need to be addressed to increase uptake of evidence-based practice
Oct 04, 2023

This brand new article, written by PABC's own Sarah Lord Ferguson, highlights the challenges that today's private practice physiotherapists face in providing evidence-based care while balancing...