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Source Parameters Recommendation
WorksafeBC WorkSafeBC is allowing this option where clinically appropriate. Direct Bulletins from WorksafeBC 
  • Ensure device updates to latest software
  • Ensure strong password protection
  • Turn cloud services off to avoid potential storage outside of Canada
  • Do not use the option to store the full conversation but record only the information required using normal record keeping
  • Conduct calls in private room or setting
  • Comply with professional guidance and practice guidance by regulatory bodies
  • Ensure worker is comfortable with the service
  • Explain there are risks to privacy that may be comparable to the risks of using social media platforms
  • Get client consent for chosen platform
  • Continue to see your Worksafe clients
  • Note that by contract with Worksafe, personal information needs to be stored inside of Canada. To abide by this, use a platform that has Canadian servers, or ensure no information is being stored on the telehealth servers. 
ICBC ICBC has temporarily approved Virtual Care (both assessments and follow up visits) until further notice. Please see updates here Direct letter from ICBC, dated March 31, 2020.
  • Please see March 31, 2020 update for details.
  • Need to use an appropriate technical solution – not to use Skype / Facetime 
  • Any recording needs to comply with PIPA
  • Client needs to be given a written description of telehealth service
  • Client needs to consent to telehealth as the mode of care delivery and this must be documented
  • Assessment services may be conducted via telehealth, in accordance with the College of Physical Therapists of B.C. guidelines. In these cases, “Telehealth assessment” must be noted under “Significant objective findings: observations” with any additional notes related to the assessment and findings.
MSP A letter has been sent to the Ministry of Health requesting virtual care coverage and we are awaiting a response      
Vancouver Coastal Health Post-THR and TKR Telehealth is approved and will be covered under the UBC voucher system

Direct communication with VCH dated April 9, 2020

  • Post-THR and TKR Telehealth is approved and will be covered under the UBC voucher system. (3 visits for THR; 12 for TKR)
  • Regular rules related to billing still apply
Continue to see VCH Post THR and TKR treatments through telehealth through the usual voucher system