Nathaniel Hers


About me

Nathan is a graduate of the University of British Columbia: first with a Bachelor of Kinesiology, then with a Masters of Physical Therapy to better understand how the body moves and works. As someone who is passionate about getting to know people’s stories and evidence-based practice, Nathan enjoys coming alongside and helping people improve their movement, health and ability to do the things they enjoy. Nathan’s treatment is focused around manual therapy, pain education and exercise. In his spare time, Nathan enjoys hiking around beautiful BC with his wife and reading the latest research article in physiotherapy.

Member type
Practising A
CPA Number
Virtual Care / Telehealth
MPT, BKin, DPT Candidate
Additional qualifications
Acupuncture and/or Dry Needling*
Bachelor of Kinesiology
Manual Therapy
Reconciling Pain Science with Biomechanics Greg Lehman
Special areas of practice
Chronic pain
IMS (intramuscular stimulation)
Manual therapy
Orthopaedics (muscles/joints)
Sports therapy
Vestibular rehabilitation (dizziness/balance)

Hers, N., Sawatzky, B., Sheel, A. (2016). Age-related changes to wheelchair efficiency and sprint power output in novice able-bodied males. Ergonomics. 59(2), 291-7

Sawatzky, B., Hers, N., MacGillivray, M. (2015). Relationships between wheeling parameters and wheelchair skills in adults and children with SCI. Spinal Cord. 53(7), 561-4.