Tall Tree Physiotherapy & Health Centre

Sees worksafe patients
Virtual Care / Telehealth

Tall Tree’s mission is to deliver exceptional healthcare, to spread warmth and to have fun. To help people grow, thrive and reach their goals.

Tall Tree’s vision is to be an ecosystem of education and growth that fosters learning, innovation, and expertise in healthcare. We will deliver an unparalleled standard of care.

We co-create a culture devoted to lifelong learning and education. We share an understanding that the care we provide is important; that a patient’s health and health goals touch all aspects of their lives. Our team is a family, and we work and grow with each other in a spirit of respect, warmth, curiosity and enthusiasm. We prioritize an environment that is safe, inspiring, compassionate, and uplifting. 

(604) 258-9186
(604) 336-5601

956 Commercial Drive
Vancouver V5L 3W7