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The Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia (PABC) leads the physiotherapy profession and is committed to supporting physiotherapists and physiotherapy in BC, Canada. We foster excellence in practice, education & research, and inspire healthy lifestyles.

On our YouTube channel we have videos created by, on behalf of, and shared with the association. Our vision is to help keep British Columbians #MovingForLife. 

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Physio: Neurological Conditions & Parkinson's

3.6 million Canadians are affected by neurological conditions. Consistent exercise has proven to help manage symptoms, and even potentially slow down the progression of some debilitating neurological diseases.

Physio Can Help:
Pelvic Floor Health

1 in 3 women in Canada have a form of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction impacting their lives. With the help of physiotherapy, patients can attain results, effectively overcoming their condition.

Physio Can Help:

Most people think that arthritis only affects the elderly. That’s not always the case. Meet Denise and Joyce, two women who were diagnosed with different types of arthritis in their early twenties.

BC Physio:
Rural & Remote Recruitment

PABC Outreach Campaign to promote the lifestyle and practice of physiotherapists in British Columbia's  rural and remote communities.

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Chronic Pain

Choose to Move:
Sandra Davies, 76 yrs -  Runner


Choose to Move:
Ballet BC Dancers

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