Physio Finds: The Influence of Running on Lower Limb Cartilage: A Systematic Review and Meta analysis

Physio Finds - October 2021

“Running is a popular activity practiced worldwide. It is important to understand how running affects joint health to provide recommendations to sports medicine practitioners and runners.”

In this systematic review, Michaela C. M. Khan, James O’Donovan, Jesse M. Charlton, Jean-Sebastien Roy, Michael A. Hunt, and PABC member Jean-Francois Esculier aim to summarize the influence of running on lower limb cartilage morphology and composition using quantitative magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

“Running is safe for joints. Don't be scared of 'wearing out your knees' - that's not a thing.” – Researcher Jean-Francois Esculier

It's an insightful read and you can find it here.


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