Membership Types

Being a PABC member means being part of a community! Learn more about the different membership options below. 

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Practising A

A full time practising PABC physiotherapist member (i.e.
more than 15 hours weekly)

Practising B

Part-time practising PABC physiotherapist member
(i.e. less than 15 hours weekly)


A member who is working in a research, administrative, management or teaching position

New Grad

You have just completed an entry-level degree at
a recognized Canadian university program and have
been a student member for a minimum of two years
previously (eligible in the first year of practice or portion


You are currently enrolled in a full-time, post-graduate
physiotherapy/rehabilitation university program, physiotherapist
assistant program, or a recognized international
credential bridging program


A practicing physiotherapist assistant in B.C. that has
completed a formal PTA education program or has a
form from a supervising PT


A member who is permanently retired from significant employment in physiotherapy, are age 55 or over, and have at least 20 years of CPA membership, or with a WCPT member organization, within the past 30 years

The membership period is from October 1st to September 30th

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If you missed the registration period that's okay! Rates are pro-rated daily, contact us for more information.