Physio Finds: Headache and Neck Pain

Older man holding the back of his neck in pain. Text reads: physio finds: headache and neck pain

Do you treat patients with headache and neck pain complaints? Want to learn more about conditions like tension-type headache, balance disorder, migraine, cervicogenic headache, whiplash, & etc.? The journal Musculoskeletal Science and Practice has recently released a special article collection that covers all of these topics and more. The authors describe the article thus:

The special issue highlights the research on headache-related neck pain undertaken, in particular, by physiotherapists internationally. Position papers by leaders in the field as well as submitted papers are presented for cervicogenic and tension-type headache, migraine and orofacial pain. Clinical implications of the research are highlighted.


You can view the full collection at this link. If you would like a full-text copy of one or several of the articles, please fill out the request form and I'll send them your way. Please specify which article(s) you would like me to send, as this collection consists of 21 articles total. Thanks in advance,  and happy reading!


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