Physio Finds: Foundational Principles and Adaptation of the Healthy and Pathological Achilles Tendon in Response to Resistance Exercise: A Narrative Review and Clinical Implications.


Check out this paper by the UBC team including former PABC president Dr. Alex Scott. Table 1 provides a great summary (and recommendations) of clinical takeaways for resistance-exercise based achilles tendinopathy management! 

"Therapeutic exercise is widely considered a first line fundamental treatment option for managing tendinopathies. As the Achilles tendon is critical for locomotion, chronic Achilles tendinopathy can have a substantial impact on an individual’s ability to work and on their participation in physical activity or sport and overall quality of life.  – Taken from the Abstract

It's a great narrative review, and you can find it here


Physio Finds is a monthly News Update in collaboration with PABC’s Knowledge Services Manager Terri McKellar.

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