Physio Finds: The Diagnostic Accuracy of Clinical Tests for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tears Are Comparable but the Lachman Test Has Been Previously Overestimated: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis


Here's an interesting article that has been highlighted by one of PABC's Knowledge Brokers, Alison Hoens. 

"What they did: A systematic review with meta-analysis of studies reporting the specificity and/or sensitivity of tests (Anterior drawer, Lachman, Lever sign and pivot shift) for ACL injury with or without concomitant meniscal injury.

Why they did it: Previous reviews may have potentially overestimated diagnostic accuracy of tests for ACL tears (partial or complete).

What they concluded: The pivot shift is best for ruling in an ACL tear and the Lever sign the best test at ruling out an ACL tear. The diagnostic accuracy of the Lachman test, particularly in post-acute presentations and for complete tears, is lower than previously reported. 

Take home message for PTs: It is wise NOT to ONLY undertake an Anterior Drawer Test – add the pivot shift and Lever sign. - Alison Hoens, PABC Knowledge Broker

It's an interesting read, and you can find it here

Physio Finds is a monthly News Update in collaboration with PABC’s Knowledge Services Manager Terri McKellar.

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