New Article Suggests Soft-Tissue Injuries Need PEACE & LOVE

Photo of someone holding calf with text overlay "New Article Suggests soft-tissue injuries need PEACE& LOVE"

If you address your patient’s soft-tissue injury by prescribing peace and love, their reaction would likely be one of disbelief. Yet, this is precisely what two Canadian physiotherapists are recommending (sans the tie-dye and patchouli).

PEACE & LOVE is an acronym, recently published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine co-led by PABC member Jean-Francois Esculier. Jean-François, or JF, explains that acute soft tissue injuries, such as ankle sprains and calf strains, are often treated based on the RICE, PRICE, or POLICE acronyms. He encourages fellow physiotherapists to use PEACE & LOVE instead.

The acronym flags the potentially harmful effects of anti-inflammatory modalities on optimal tissue repair, and the absence of evidence justifying the use of ice.” - Jean-François Esculier.

Based on contemporary scientific evidence, PEACE & LOVE outlines the importance of educating patients and addressing psychosocial factors to enhance recovery. It guides the rehabilitation continuum from immediate care (PEACE) to subsequent management (LOVE).

This article was one of PABC’s most clicked links in September’s Knowledge Services’ update. Making it clear; we could all use a little more peace and love.

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