Ergonomics: One Size Does NOT Fit All!

Woman sitting at desk with text overlay "Ergonomics: One Size Does NOT Fit All!"

Ergonomics is a word we often hear, but do you know what it means?

"Basically, it's the science of work. Ergonomics, in practical terms, evaluates the function of people in the workplace and their interaction with tools/equipment in order to improve their wellbeing and the effectiveness of the task they perform.” - Jacek Kobza, PABC member.

Jacek is a physiotherapist specializing in ergonomics. He says while no one size fits all, everyone can benefit from a holistic approach to ergonomics, especially those who are now working from home. And seeing as how October is Healthy Workplace Month, there’s really no better time to dive into the world of ergonomics.

My standard ergonomic checklist besides typical layout, chair, monitor, mouse, keyboard, lighting information, also includes lifestyle questions like sleep habits, breathing patterns, hydration, physical activity levels, basic nutrition, and supplementation.” - Jacek Kobza.

The best part is Jacek says folks who are keen to adopt and maintain ergonomic recommendations tend to be healthier, perform better at their jobs, and have more energy to pursue hobbies outside of work.

He encourages everyone to pay attention to their work environment and to reach out to a professional who can offer support and expertise in prioritizing ergonomics.

You can use our Find-a-Physio tool to search for a physiotherapist specializing in ergonomics.

Jacek is clear to point out that ergonomics is specific to each individual. However, there are a few universal things you can invest in if you’re working from home:

  1. A separate screen/monitor and keyboard.
  2. A sit-to-stand station complete with a fully-adjustable chair that can support a neutral posture.
  3. A good quality headset that’s compatible with your desktop, laptop, and phone. You might not look super chic, but you’re going to be grateful when you’re on those lengthy Zoom calls!

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