October is Healthy Workplace Month in Canada

Photo of leaves with text overlay: October is Healthy Workplace Month

Does your workplace support your overall health? Now is the time to prioritize your wellbeing at work, as October is Healthy Workplace Month.

Whether you’re in the office, at home, or a hybrid of the two, it’s important to prioritize wellbeing in your workspace.

Here are ten tips sure to encourage healthy habits in your workday:

1. Keep a full water bottle nearby - this makes it easy to stay hydrated. Learn about the other benefits of drinking water here.

2. Talk to your employer about getting an adjustable standup desk for you. Standing occasionally will switch up your stance and posture.

3. Take a ten-minute exercise break - walk around the block and get fresh air. This can help you destress and focus better throughout the day.

4. Do three minutes of stretching at least 3 times during your work day! Set reminders in your calendar so you don’t forget!

5. Be aware and stay informed about mental health in the workplace - for resources visit:

6. Listen to calming music; it has been shown to slow the pulse and heart rate, lower blood pressure, and decrease levels of stress hormones.

7. Your workspace can harbor thousands of germs that are just waiting to make you sick. Get out the disinfectant (now so more than ever) and regularly clean the surfaces and other areas you often touch.

8. Connect regularly with your coworkers and share your favourite resources with them.

9. Start the day with a nutritious breakfast; kick-start a busy day with a satisfying breakfast that will power you through your morning.

10. Take a few minutes to view these videos on workplace strategies for mental health.

BONUS: Book an appointment with a physiotherapist. They can help you adjust to better workplace habits; improved posture, desk setup, prioritizing ergonomics etc. They can also support you through managing a long-term condition.

Remember, all physiotherapists promote workplace health.

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