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Directions magazine is an esteemed publication composed by PABC, for its members and their communities.

This triannual magazine is brimming with emerging physiotherapy news, exciting advocacy work, new membership updates, and plentiful resources to help members better serve their patients, support their teams, and advance their clinics.

PABC is member-centred; our members are at the heart of our work, always. It’s through Directions we can provide world-class education from our prestigious team and network of BC physiotherapists. This information comes from our whole membership and the staff team. To make this information more accessible and environmentally-friendly, you can review past and present Directions issues electronically, on this page. We are delighted to share such innovative and engaging knowledge with our members.

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Directions -Issue 1, 2020

Directions Spring 2020

BC Physio Forum 2020 | Graded Exposure & Optimal Loading: Even for Patients with Cancer | The Future of the National Orthopaedic Division

Directions - Issue 2, 2019 - Fall

Directions Fall 2019

Debate: Should Physio Graduates be required to Start in Public Practice | Update from the Knowledge Broker | Physiotherapy on Live TV | Adaptive Surfing |Physio in the Climate Crisis

Directions Issue 1, 2019 - Spring

Directions Spring 2019

The Physiotherapy Knowledge Broker Returns | 2019 Forum & Expo | WorkSafeBC Functional Testing | Physio Faces


Directions Winter 2018/19

Directions Winter 2018/2019

Virtual Physiotherapy for Rural BC | Shock Wave Therapy | Physiotherapy in Indigenous Communities |100 and Going Strong

Directions Fall 2018

Directions Fall 2018

The Value of Teamwork in Healthcare | Team-based Healthcare in Action | Patellofemoral Pain | Parkinson's Disease and Physiotherapy

Directions Spring 2018

Directions Spring 2018

The Importance of Gender-Affirming Care in Physiotherapy | Transgender Day of Visibility | Pain Science, best evidence?

Directions Fall 2017

Directions Fall 2017

Outreach Campaign Promotes Rural & Remote Physiotherapy | Management of Whiplash Disorders | Patient Medications Fall Risk and the UBC Pharmacist Clinic


Directions Spring 2017

Directions Spring 2017

Neuroplastic Tidbits from PABC Education | Spinal Pain and Opiates | Physiotherapy on the Margins | Putting Physiotherapy First: Spinal Pain and Opiates

Directions Winter 2017

Directions Winter 2017

Blackbird Physiotherapy Changes Patient Care | Lower Extremity Injury Reduction | ER Physios | Walk10Blocks

Directions Fall 2016

Directions Fall 2016

The ScoliClinic Filling the Much Needed Therapy Gap in Vancouver |  Chronic Pain and Physio | Cloud Physio

Directions Spring 2016

Directions Spring 2016

Running Hard and Running Long - Simon Whitfield | Honouring Physio Pioneer Clyde Smith | Hypopressives: The New Kid on the Block


Directions Winter 2016

Directions Winter 2016

Putting Physiotherapy First | Redefining Neurorehab: MyndMove | A conversation with the Seniors Advocate |A tribute to Andrea Reid

Directions Archives 2010 - 2015

Digital copies of Directions magazine and newsletter dating back to 2010. It can be inspiring to peek into the past, reading stories cemented in time, studies that were once considered progressive and groundbreaking, and maybe still are!

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