Jodie Pulsifer


About me

Jodie completed her  Master’s of Physical Therapy in 2012 at UBC. In her early career, Jodie took the opportunity to work in a variety of clinical settings that greatly informed her outlook on healthcare, particularly around the challenges people have navigating our healthcare system, how hard it is to work towards preventative healthcare and the importance of not being infantized when it comes to one’s own care.   

Jodie became a pelvic health physiotherapist in 2015 and loves the intersection of her interest in the human body and providing care that is not readily accessed in our current model of care. In 2016, Jodie expanded her career through the creation of Full Circle Physiotherapy and has been excited to see it evolve to a place of providers who share common goals of high quality evidence based practice tailored to the unique individual needs.  

Jodie believes that listening, communication and the use of language are some of the most critical tools healthcare providers have and should not be taken lightly. Jodie is passionate about care that considers your unique experience in your body, including healthcare inequalities and social injustice.     

Currently, Jodie’s main interests in pelvic health are supporting pre and postnatal clients to feel confident in their bodies before, during and after pregnancy. Jodie also loves working with clients who experience pelvic pain and other chronic pain presentations. It is an absolute joy to help clients feel empowered and take back control of their bodies and move in the world in ways that are meaningful to them.   

Jodie is a passionate educator, enjoys a good laugh and believes that it is the role of a physiotherapist to work themselves out of a job. Through education, exercise and treatment, Jodie aims to empower you to better understand your body. Her mission is to provide you with long term solutions to maintain your best self, long after you leave her care.  

Outside her clinical practice you will find Jodie trying to soak in the goodness of life, even in the chaos. Jodie loves to be in connection with the earth and her body so you will likely find her growing or cooking food with her 2 tiny humans, drinking breve lattes, keeping her sourdough  levain  alive, ripping around on her longtail e-bike and moving her body every day (most likely long distance running with her Labradoodle, Leni).   

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Practising A
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Virtual Care / Telehealth
Masters of Physical Therapy - University of British Columbia
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Bachelor of Kinesiology
Pelvic Floor Rehabiliation
Pelvic Floor rehabilitation
Rost Therapy
Rost Therapy Approach for Pregnancy Related Pelvic Girdle Pain
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Chronic pain
Incontinence (urinary/bowel)
Mental health
Orthopaedics (muscles/joints)
Pelvic floor
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Women's Health