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Kim Hall

At the age of 14, I attended my first physiotherapy appointment. I was (and still am) a competitive runner and finally sustained my first serious injury which left me limping. I attended Rob Hoffman's clinic in Richmond and saw the diverse population he was helping, all the neat exercise equipment he utilized and how he interacted with people. I respected the intimate knowledge of human anatomy and physiology he had to help people feel better. I thought to myself, "This is awesome! I want to be a physiotherapist!" With determination and hard work, I made my dream happen.

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Samantha Deakin

After completing my undergrad at UVic in 2001, I went travelling and unfortunately suffered multiple ankle sprains while away. When I came home, I started treatment with a physiotherapist, Darren, at a clinic in White Rock. I was amazed by the depth of knowledge and the ability to truly help people achieve their goals and improve their quality of life. I was originally planning on heading into another health science field but I was inspired and started volunteering at the clinic to learn more. Within a year I was attending the University of Western Ontario Master of Physical Therapy program

Lisa McShane

If you always think the way you have always thought, You will always feel the way you have always felt,And if you always feel the way you have always felt, You will always do what you have always done,And if you always do what you have always done, You will always get what you have always gotten,If there is no change, there is no change (Unknown)