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Visit the Canadian Physiotherapy Association website to learn what you should know and do if you are interested in working as an internationally-educated physiotherapist or physiotherapist assistant in BC. It outlines the knowledge and skills that one must have to practice the profession effectively in BC.

Internationally Educated Physiotherapist (IEP) Exam Preparation Program

The Internationally Educated Physiotherapists Exam Preparation (IEPEP) Program is a self-directed program that assists Internationally Educated Physiotherapists (IEPs) in their preparation to sit the national Physiotherapy Competency Exam (PCE) and to enter into clinical physiotherapy practice in British Columbia. In addition, the IEPEP Program is open to Canadian-trained Physiotherapists who may wish to refresh their skills or competencies, or who have been out of practice and are required to sit the PCE for re-entry into practice. The IEPEP program encompasses both theoretical and practical components and includes practice examinations and workshops which focus on knowledge, clinical skills, and clinical reasoning. Visit UBC Physio Refresh for more information.

Career Paths Program

The Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants is a key initiative funded by the Ministry of Jobs, Economic Recovery and Innovation. It provides support to immigrants and IEHPs to connect them with jobs in BC using the education and experience they bring to Canada. 

The program has three streams. Physiotherapists fall under Stream 2: Regulated Occupations. In this stream, internationally trained physiotherapists could receive up to 20 months of support to achieve their employment goals. As outlined on the website, this support may include:

  • individual career coaching and help with building an action plan
  • financial support for upgrading your skills, including language training
  • help with preparing for exams
  • other support required to help you succeed in B.C.

If you lack experience working in Canada, career counsellors can help you find a practicum or temporary employment in your field while you work on obtaining your Canadian credentials.

Learn more about the Career Paths Program, including eligibility, on the WelcomeBC website 

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You are eligible for a FREE physiotherapy student membership if you are enrolled in a recognized International Physiotherapy Graduate bridging program in BC. All Bridging students also qualify for New Grad membership status (a discounted rate) once they have graduated. Become a PABC member today!