Pain Care U Distance Mentorship with Neil Pearson

Pain Care Mentorship ad

Are you a physiotherapist with a passion for diving deeper into the topics of pain, the lived experience of pain, assessment and pain care? Join health professionals from around the world in this 9 month long professional online distance mentorship.

Receive education and mentorship to enhance your therapeutic outcomes when working with people living in pain. Gain real-life experience providing group pain education  - bring pain care into your community as well as into your therapeutic practice.

Explore a broad range of scientific and clinical perspectives on pain and pain care, while gaining personal experience and instructing your clients in evidence-based pain care techniques.

Monthly live webinars and one-on-one feedback calls guide your deep exploration of current understanding of pain, of people living in pain, and of providing effective pain management, whether you are working as a private practitioner or within a pain care team.

Your Commitment: Approximately 7 hours per week of study (including pain self-care techniques), plus completion of monthly reports (e.g., book reviews, case studies, personal insights with pain care techniques, research paper reviews).

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Monthly webinars on each first Tuesday, planned for 4pm pacific time. Monthly 1-1 online sessions discussing cases, and homework assignments.
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