Level 1 - Introduction to Pelvic Health

Level 1 - Introduction to Pelvic Health

It is critical that rehabilitation professionals who work with patients suffering from incontinence and pelvic floor dysfunction have a comprehensive understanding of the factors that impact continence and dysfunction.  This course is divided into two parts; part one consists of a self-paced online course and part 2 consists of a 2 day lab.  Participants may register for part one only but must complete part one in order to participate in the part 2 lab sessions. 

In Part 1, participants will gain theoretical knowledge of the anatomy, physiology and function of the healthy pelvis and pelvis floor, pathophysiology, and mechanisms of dysfunction. In Part 2 (lab), vaginal and rectal exams will be demonstrated and practice.


Start date
End date
Date note
Part 1 (online) may be started right after registration but must be completed before participating in the lab component.  Several 2 day lab sessions will be scheduled throughout the year.
Event cost
Part 1 (online course): $50 application and $200 course fee. Part 2 (2 day lab): $500
On-line and In-person

University of Alberta, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine
3-48 Corbett Hall
Edmonton AB T6G 2G4

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