Kinetic Link Training - ONLINE course (Strengthening Functional Movement)

Kinetic Link Training

Kinetic Link Training is a unique and totally systematic approach to biomechanically balanced, full-body functional strength training.


ONLINE COURSE - Study at Home | Start Anytime

This comprehensive online learning experience typically takes 15- 18 hours to complete. You have 6 months access to all the online lessons and videos. So you have plenty of time to complete the course at a pace that suits you.

For the practical components of the course all that is needed to successfully learn, practice and teach the exercises is a few dumbbells and resistance bands - meaning that you and your clients can easily perform KLT at home (or use a gym if you have access). 



Designed and delivered by Australian Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist, Wayne Rodgers  - this highly practical online course is full of current concepts, effective exercises, and innovative ideas to educate and inspire all physiotherapists (and exercise professionals) who are dedicated to efficiently returning clients to 100% function.

Wayne brings together the latest evidence based practices with 30 years of clinical experience to present material that can be used immediately by all physiotherapists to improve their client's outcomes. 


  • Study the very latest strength & conditioning principles in relation to full-body functional resistance training.
  • Explore both home-based and gym-based functional strength training programs.
  • Learn to utilise progressive functional strength training (and movement restoration programs) for a very wide spectrum of clients: from rehabilitation and post surgical to occupational conditioning and sports performance.
  • Learn to train integrated natural movement patterns in multiple planes of motion whilst respecting functional myofascial lines.
  • Create biomechanically balanced full body workouts by using a proven and precise system of training – the Kinetic Link Training system.




You receive Multi-Media Education with Full Academic Support

All Kinetic Link Training courses integrate clinical reasoning and years of clinical experience with the latest in scientific evidence, allowing participants to discover the most effective strategies for success. The delivery format is online multi-media with a great mix of short video tutorials, exercise movies and reading materials (including a full colour course manual and additional articles of interest). As a highly valued KLT online student you also receive full academic support throughout your course of study. This means you can contact us anytime via email with any questions.

Contact us with questions before, during or after the course:




Presented by Wayne Rodgers – Australian Sports Physiotherapist

Wayne Rodgers is a sports & exercise physiotherapist and KLT functional strength & movement restoration coach with over 32 years experience in health & fitness. He has been a sports physiotherapist for several national and international sports teams (Australian Commonwealth Games team, Australian Netball team). Formerly a senior physiotherapist at Olympic Park Sports Medicine Centre in Melbourne, he is currently the senior sports physiotherapist and founder of Sunshine Coast Sports Physiotherapy and consults on the development of course content for the Masters in Sports Medicine program at Melbourne University. Wayne is a highly experienced presenter of physiotherapy courses. He has delivered over 4000 hours of professional development education to physiotherapists, exercise professionals and corporate audiences over the past 23 years.



Thanks a million for what you do and how you deliver it. Always great to be learning from people living by their passion and purpose. I have been applying what I learned in your online course and I'm getting amazing results ... Thanks so much!   Claire M - Physiotherapist, Melbourne

I have just finished the online KLT Level 1 tutorials this week … and I have to say that I can't remember a better course that I've done in 15 + years of ongoing education so thank you very much!  Congratulations on an outstanding resource, very well put together and very well researched.  My clients are already benefiting from the exercises that I'm now teaching them. Also I’ve loved the revamp in my own gym workouts , I am certainly feeling the difference. Thanks heaps!  Danny C - Physiotherapist - Sydney

The KLT course was amazing - 5 stars , it totally opened my mind to a whole new way of using resistance training for all my clients … this type of functional strength training just makes so much sense.  Jenny K - Physiotherapist - Vancouver 

Thank you for the Functional S&C online course - I loved how easy it was to follow and I really got a lot out of it - affirming a few theories and practices I already had, but made me re-think how I program again … and lots and lots of new exercises. I have already started implementing the ideas with clients – from a client in her early 30s yesterday to an 84 year old today.  Luke D - Exercise Physiologist and Kinesiologist - Sydney 

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Online Study - START ANYTIME - 6 months access to all the lessons, readings and videos
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