IMS Dry Needling Online Mentorship Course: Why Things Hurt

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Course Description:

An online mentorship course for healthcare professionals that are legally allowed to utilize dry needling as part of their scope of practice.  This video-based course is designed to improve your clinical reasoning, client education and technical skills with dry needing.  Physiotherapist Brent Stevenson walks through every step of how and why he uses IMS in his physiotherapy practice.

Videos demonstrating full assessments, treatments and explanations for:

  1. Global Posture & Stiffness
  2. Low Back Dysfunction
  3. Hip, Groin & Knee Dysfunction
  4. Shoulder, Jaw & Neck Dysfunction
  5. Mid-Back, Rib & Chest Dysfunction
  6. Elbow, Arm & Hand Dysfunction
  7. Ankle & Foot Dysfunction

Techniques Library:

Short videos of how to needle each muscle group

Deep Hip Rotators

Tsp Multifidus


Levator Scap

Latissimus Dorsi

Csp Multifidus



Upper Trapezius


Tibialis Anterior


Pec Major & Minor

Biceps & Triceps



Lsp Multifidus





IT Band







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Who is Brent Stevenson?

Brent Stevenson is a physiotherapist based in Vancouver, Canada, the co-owner of Envision Physiotherapy and the author of the book and website Why Things Hurt.  He has extensive post-graduate training in dry needling, manual therapy and movement retraining.

He learned IMS directly from Dr Chan Gunn near the end of his career at the Institute for the Study and Treatment of Pain in 2008 and has since mentored many physiotherapists to help improve their dry needling skills.  Brent has found that many clinicians are being certified to use dry needling in their practice but aren’t coming away from their courses with great resources and/or don’t have the opportunity for any mentorship.

Learning IMS can be a paradigm shift for most physiotherapists or physicians and can find it challenging to integrate it into their practice.  Clinicians can get focussed on learning how to perform a specific point and miss out on how to look at the big picture.  With this course, Brent demonstrates both how to perform the techniques safely and talks about how to use them all together clinically in order to help establish a video-based mentorship resource online.

Clinically Brent integrates IMS dry needling with osteopathic manual therapy, postural retraining and empathetic education with his clients.  He has written stories and filmed exercise videos to help support both healthcare professionals and the general public on his website and books.


  • Master of Science in Physical Therapy, McMaster University
  • Bachelor of Human Kinetics, University of British Columbia
  • Diploma of Chan Gunn IMS, Institute of the Study & Treatment of Pain
  • 12 courses in Visceral & Neural Manipulation, Barral Institute
  • Integrated System’s Model, Diane Lee’s series of courses
  • 12+ courses in orthopedic manual therapy, Canadian levels system
  • Movement Impairment Syndrome Courses, Shirley Sahrman
  • Mobilization with Movement, Mulligan Concept
  • Trained Golf Expert, Body Balance for Performance

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