The 2024 ISM Series - Clinical Mentorship in ISM with Diane Lee

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Join Diane Lee, and her team of highly skilled assistants, and immerse yourself in a mentorship that will improve your clinical efficacy for treating the whole person using the Integrated Systems Model -  a regional interdependent approach to chronic, persistent pain & dysfunction.

  • Learn which phenotypes of pain are suitable for this approach
  • Develop meaningful assessments that focus on function to alleviate nociceptive or neuropathic pain
  • Learn how “trauma tools” are integrated with ISM for the blended phenotype (non-dominant nociplastic pain patterns)
  • Organize your clinical knowledge and hone your practical skills through the in-class sessions and clinical reasoning skills through the newly develop clinical reasoning reflection form and the online forum 
  • Integrate YOUR models with ISM - don't be a clone of anyone else!

Blended Learning 

This is a hybrid learning course that includes both online, at home and in-class study. The online material is yours forever as well as access to the immense ISM library with no annual subscription fee. One tuition fee will keep you updated in ISM. This course has all theory learning online, or in books leaving lots of practical/clinical time to focus on acquiring the skills and clinical reasoning to put this model into practice.  You will learn the theoretical concepts of the ISM approach online via the online lectures, over 400 short practical video clips, and complete case reports (uploaded weekly for the duration of the course by you and your peers - with our support of course!)

  • Part 1 introduces the basic principles of ISM and applies it to the trunk (3rd thoracic ring to the hips). 
  • Part 2 introduces the cranium, neck and shoulder girdle and goes deeper into the articular system of the thorax, lumbar spine and SIJ. Every part loops back to integrate with the previous one. 
  • Part 3 goes deeper into the cranium, lower and upper extremities, integrates neurodynamic testing with ISM, and covers the articular system of the neck. This part is a whole body/person focus and a short part on trauma and its impact on the sympathetic nervous system and thus adverse neural mobility.

What Past Participants Say about ISM and this Series of Courses

“I was so overcome with gratitude yesterday that my tears surprised me and I couldn't articulate how thankful I am to have participated in the ISM Series. I am in awe of all the work you and your team put into making this mentorship. I have more confidence in my hands and a clearer sense of how to problem solve a patient. I am already a better therapist than I was and excited to keep growing. Thank you." T S Portland, OR

Course Details

Dates (2024): Part 1: 4 hour online evening lecture January 9 & in class January 12-15, Part 2: 4 hour online evening lecture March 5 & in class March 8-11, Part 3: 4 hour online evening lecture May 21 and in class May 24-27

Tuition: $6500 plus GST

Tuition includes: Online live lectures (12 hours) and 12 days in person instruction in class PLUS online course support lectures & videos including the well received ISM flow package of over 400 'how to do things' videos.  This course also includes a private forum group for clinical reasoning support 24/7. This part is priceless and converts a 12 day course into a 6 month clinical mentorship (online material will open mid-November). Every week a new ISM case report is uploaded by your peer group, feedback is required from your group following which instructor/lead assistant feedback will be given - there is so much learning on this forum, it's hard to explain how valuable this is.

Instructor: Diane Lee, Senior Assistant: Cathy Rogers, Assistant: Brittany Wade

If you have any questions or need more information email Diane Lee at

Registration is limited 22 participants and usually fills quickly.

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$6500 plus GST Canadian funds
On-line and In-person

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