PPAC's Public Practice Physio in Focus Award

Applications for the 2024 Awards Season will open on January 11, 2024. 

Public Practice Advisory Committee’s - Public Practice Physio in Focus Award

Spirit of the Awards

PABC members in public practice, including acute care, rehabilitation, community, long-term care and school-age care delivery, work continually to improve the health of British Columbians.  The Public Practice Advisory Committee wants to recognize these individuals and increase the awareness and importance of these diverse areas of physiotherapy practice within the public health care system. 

Award Categories

  1. Clinical Care

  2. Professional Development

  3. Research 

1. Clinical Care

This award recognizes physiotherapists who have consistently demonstrated excellence in clinical practice. The contribution may include:

  • Demonstrated practice excellence in the area of the candidate’s clinical specialty.
  • Acting as a resource for physiotherapy colleagues or with others (students, other health professionals, clients, or the public).

Making an innovative or unique contribution to clinical care that improves the quality of care for the public.

2. Professional Development

This award recognizes physiotherapists who have made an impact on physiotherapy professional or program development in the public system. The contribution may include:

  • Involvement in activities that support, enhance, or develop public awareness of physiotherapists as core members of the healthcare team.
  • Leadership of a physiotherapy service, Interprofessional program or education service that supports and sustains excellent practice.
  • Development of programs/practice resources that support practice excellence in public health care (Education programs, practice guidelines, community partnerships) Innovation and creativity in service delivery that improves outcomes or access to public services.

3. Research

This award recognizes physiotherapists who have conducted research or quality improvement projects that contributed to improvements in the health care system for the public. The contribution may include:

  • A research project that increases the body of knowledge about physiotherapy or interprofessional practice including impact on health outcomes for the public.
  • Quality improvement projects that change/improve the delivery of care or the public’s experience of care.

Candidate Selection

  • The PABC Awards Committee (appointed annually by the Board) will review the nominations and make the selection. The PPAC will review and confirm the selection.
  •  Selection will be made based upon information provided to the committee. No additional information will be sought.
  • If in a calendar year there are no suitable nominations, no award will be declared. Form of Awards Recipients will receive a certificate and will be highlighted on the PABC website and other marketing channels. The Awards Ceremony will take place in-person at the BC Physiotherapy Conference 2022. 

Nomination Procedure

Nominations to include: A completed nomination form. A nomination letter from a current PABC member (maximum 4 pages) must include the following criteria:

  • Include as much background information about the candidate as possible
  • Explain in detail why the candidate deserves the award. Please provide detailed examples of the types of activities, programs, etc. in which the nominee has been involved and provide specific information that supports the candidate’s nomination for the award.
  • Provide any relevant quotes surrounding the nominee and or the nominee’s achievements.
  • At least 2 one-page letters of support from PABC members.
  • Up to 2 additional letters of support from non-physiotherapists may be submitted, for example from patients, clients, or inter-professional team members.
  • At least one other co-nominator who is a PABC member and works with the candidate.
  • Any other relevant documentation (e.g.; copies of published articles, newspaper reports, letters of appreciation, previous citations, or any other evidence of the nominee's contribution and excellence).


  • PABC Member in good standing.
  • Currently working in a recognized public practice position.
  • Has demonstrated contribution that is the basis for the nomination for at least two years.
  • Has not been a member of the PABC-PPAC for the past year.
  • Nomination received in the current nomination year.

Form of Awards

Recipients will receive a certificate and will be highlighted on the PABC website and other marketing channels.


In 2024, the Awards Ceremony will take place in-person at the Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre at the CPA Physiotherapy Congress 2024 in Vancouver on April 27th, 2024.


Nomination Form

Past Recipients 

Public Practice Physio in Focus Award

2023 ~ Susanna Johnston

2023 ~ Caroline Mombourquette

2022 ~ Pat Leard 

2021 ~ Jami Bennett and Amy Ellis

2019 ~ Rebecca Shook

2018 ~ Stacey Miller

2017 ~ Sandra Squire

2015 ~ Roland Fletcher