PABC Committees and other Volunteer Opportunities

PABC Standing Committee Volunteer Opportunities

Why join a PABC Committee? 

Committee volunteers are vital in ensuring the decisions PABC makes are representative of our diverse membership base. The Standing Committees meet regularly to help move important and exciting initiatives forward.

Current PABC Standing Committees:

How much time do I need to commit? 

Depending on how much time you have to commit, there are different volunteer opportunities available to you. Check out the chart below to learn more about the approximate requirements of some of the volunteer opportunities. 

 Apply to join a committee

  • Applying to be a committee member is simple! If you're already a PABC member, we already know a bit about you, just fill out the form below and provide us with which volunteer opportunities you are interested in. 

Additional Volunteer Opportunities

The physiotherapy community in BC is an ever-evolving landscape, and it's often volunteers who help propel the industry forward in innovative, actionable ways

Occasionally we will have specialized volunteer roles or other opportunities that can provide you with relevant experience, a chance to expand your network, and learn more about BC's dynamic physiotherapist industry. If this interests you, contact us to find out more:

Time Commitment 

Volunteer Opportunity 


Time Commitment (approximately)

PABC Standing Committees

Join a standing committee that helps advise and support the Board on issues and matters that relate to the committee.

Approximately 4 official meetings per year plus any additional time assigned to specific projects you may take on during your time participating on the committee.

BC Annual Physio Forum 



A variety of roles to be filled that will be posted closer to the date.





 Events Force

Attending events on behalf of PABC to spread awareness of the physiotherapy industry to the public. 

Currently unavailable due to COVID-19 (will be updated once resumed). 

Topical Task Forces 

Arranged when tasks and requirements come up. 

Varies by task.

Public Practice Ambassador 

Expanding non-PABC members knowledge of PABC, and engaging with PABC to inform on key trends and knowledge. In addition, represent PABC at external events when there is a good fit. 

4 hours a month plus 2 townhall meetings a year (one early fall, and one early summer).

Public Practice Ambassador Program Coordinator

Assist in the creation of the Public Practice newsletter, emails, and events.

1 - 2 hours a week.