World Physical Therapy Day

World Physical Therapy Day - hands in gloves holding a globe

Did you know September 8th is World Physical Therapy Day?

The World Physiotherapy organization (a registered charity in the UK) was founded on September 8th, 1951, and helped establish this day.

Our vision is to move physiotherapy forward, so the profession is recognized globally for its significant role in improving health and wellbeing.” - World Physiotherapy. 

This year, World Physiotherapy is using World PT Day to focus on rehabilitation and COVID-19.  PABC is thrilled to see physiotherapists getting well-deserved global recognition for their rehabilitation work during the pandemic.

PABC supports all members by providing access to studies, COVID-19 resources, and a tight-knit professional community. Together, these resources can assist physiotherapists as they work with COVID-19 patients on rehabilitation.” - Christine Bradstock, PABC CEO.

Not a member? Here are some external resources to learn more about how physiotherapists support patients on their road to rehabilitation from COVID-19:

  •  How physiotherapy can help people recover from COVID-19 - The University of Alberta.
  • Physiotherapy Management for COVID-19 in the Acute Hospital Setting: Recommendations to guide clinical practice - The University of British Columbia.
  • How physiotherapists are getting COVID-19 patients moving again - PABC Member Amy Ellis talks to Global News about new physiotherapy techniques being utilized in BC.

Additionally, the latest issue of Directions magazine features stories from an array of BC physiotherapists working with COVID-19 patients in various communities across the province. Members can read these compelling stories here.

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