Physio Finds: Innovative Concussion Resources

Physio Finds Innovative Concussion Tools

An estimated 1 in every 165 adults suffers a concussion each year in Canada (source).

The Concussion Awareness Training Tool (CATT) for Medical Professionals course has been newly updated to include information for physiotherapists who treat patients with concussions.

Learn more about the updates made to this course, here.

Another new and noteworthy concussion resource for healthcare professionals is the Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) MyGuide tool, which patients can use, too.

VCH states that their MyGuide: Concussion has three goals:

  1. To inform you about concussion & recovery
  2. To equip you with tools & skills
  3. To empower you with confidence to take action

Try this resource for yourself, here.

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