Our CEO was interviewed by Global about ICBC's new Enhanced Care model

Our CEO was interviewed by Global about ICBC’s new Enhanced Care model

With ICBC’s Enhanced Care having come into effect on May 1st, PABC CEO Christine Bradstock was invited to interview with Global BC’s Jennifer Palma about the move.

PABC worked with ICBC and the provincial government to help plan Enhanced Care and how it pertains to our members and their patients. The new system will provide access to all the medical and rehabilitation care you may need – with no overall limit to the coverage available.

With Enhanced Care, all individuals will receive care for as long as they need it.” - Christine Bradstock, PABC CEO.

Enhanced Care benefits PABC members, as well as their patients. To view Christine’s interview with Global, click here.

A reminder of some of Enhanced Care’s new Enhanced Accident Benefits key points:

  • Enhanced Care will provide all the care you need if you’re injured in a crash but, importantly, you will continue to choose your own doctor and preferred health care providers to lead your care plan.
  • The Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia were among a wide-range of health care providers and disability advocates who participated in a number of consultation sessions led by the provincial government and ICBC, which ensured our input and expertise played a valuable role in the development of the final benefits available under Enhanced Care.
  • Your Enhanced Accident Benefits will be available regardless of whether you caused the crash or not because everyone deserves the care, they need to get better.
  • Enhanced Accident Benefits will pay for your medical care and treatments to support your recovery, including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, chiropractic care, dental care, counselling, medical equipment and other supports and services.
  • If your injuries are life-altering and prevent you from going back to work or returning to your normal life, you’ll be supported with additional care and income replacement. These benefits will be available to you for as long as you need them – for a lifetime if necessary
  • Enhanced Care is a model built around taking care of everyone, including the most seriously injured who will have access to additional coverage, including a new permanent impairment benefit which will provide lump-sum cash compensation of approximately $265,000 for anyone catastrophically injured in a crash.