Jaya's Magical Wheelchair: An inspiring story of positivity & inclusion

Group photo including Jaya and Marlene with text overlay: Jaya's Magic Wheelchair

Jaya's Magic Wheelchair is about compassion, inclusion, awareness, and physiotherapy. 11-year-old Jaya is the star of Jaya's Magic Wheelchair. She has made steady progress thanks to her work with physiotherapists.

PABC is thrilled to sponsor this book, allowing students at Jaya's school to read and share her inspiring, heart-warming story.

"PABC is proud to support Jaya's Magic Wheelchair and the message of positivity and accessibility it promotes. This is an inspiring story of inclusion that also highlights the benefits of physiotherapy." - Christine Bradstock, PABC CEO.

The author, Marlene Bryenton (Jaya's grandmother), noticed there were few children's books centering characters in wheelchairs.

"Many able-bodied children take their mobility for granted. I believe that children can learn from another child's life." - Marlene Bryenton, author of Jaya's Magic Wheelchair. 

You can learn more about Marlene, Jaya, and the magic of this book, here.

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