Enhanced Care is Coming Soon: This is what you need to know

ICBC Enhanced Care

The move to Enhanced Care on May 1st, 2021, will benefit all British Columbians, including physiotherapists.

PABC worked diligently with ICBC to ensure our members’ needs (as well as those of their patients) were at the forefront of the Enhanced Care planning discussions.

This new coverage will help BC’s physiotherapists and their patients in the following ways:

  • Enhanced Accident Benefits will pay for the patients medical care, including physiotherapy treatment.
  • Those injured in motor-vehicle accidents can choose their preferred healthcare providers for recovery (including physiotherapists).
  • Enhanced Accident Benefits are available to all British Columbians, regardless of whether they caused the crash or not.

"As physiotherapists, we know that many of our patients who are injured in crashes require an individualized care plan in order to fully recover or get back to full function. We also know that some patients require a long-term individualized care plan that will support their recovery, advance their function and quality of life. Having been part of the Enhanced Care journey since it was first announced in February 2020, I have confidence that this is a patient-focused, care-based model, which will make a truly meaningful difference in the recovery of many injured British Columbians."

- Christine Bradstock, PABC CEO. 

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