CAPR's Clinical Component Update July 2021

CAPR Clinical Component Update July 2021

Recap of Clinical Component Relaunch

Watch the video of the new CAPR Board President Denis Pelletier and CAPR CEO Katya Masnyk recap CAPR's progress to relaunch the clinical exam.

Highlights of the Relaunch & Concerns about the Exam Scoring Timelines

Read the detailed highlights of the clinical component relaunch in CAPR's latest weekly update, in which you can also find CAPR's response to concerns about the exam scoring timelines.

Previous and future CAPR Clinical Component Updates

Have you seen our summary of CAPR's Clinical Component Update from June 2021? If not, take a moment to read it here.

CAPR's Clinical Component Updates are released weekly. Stay up to date by visiting the CAPR website frequently.