Canadian Pain Task Force Releases Third & Final Report

Canadian Pain Task Force Third & Final Report

The Canadian Pain Task Force (CPTF) was created in 2019 to provide advice to guide the federal government toward an improved approach for the prevention and management of chronic pain, which impacts nearly eight million Canadians.

Untreated pain results in poor outcomes for individuals, families, and communities. Pain impacts people’s ability to work, attend school, and participate in family and community life.“ - An Action Plan for Pain in Canada.

They have released their third and final report, An Action Plan for Pain in Canada, which contains recommendations clustered around six primary goals:

1. Enable coordination, collaboration, and leadership across Canada.

2. Improve access to timely, equitable, and patient-centered pain care.

3. Increase awareness, education, and specialized training in pain.

4. Support pain research and strengthen related infrastructure.

5. Monitor population health and health system quality.

6. Ensure equitable approaches for populations disproportionately impacted by pain.

This third report also reinforces the connection between untreated chronic pain and the growing opioid overdose crisis, and broader socio-economic drivers of substance use (e.g., racial injustice, poverty, trauma). Read the full report below.

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