BCCDC Creates Inclusive Language Guide to destigmatize COVID-19

Woman working at a laptop with a face mask on with text overlay that reads: BCCDC Creates Inclusive Language Guide to destigmatize COVID-19

This new Inclusive Language Guide created by the BCCDC (BC Centre for Disease Control) aims to make COVID-19 information more comprehensive and accessible while preventing the stigmatization of marginalized individuals and groups.

Specifically, this aims to support those who are often inadvertently excluded from health content and advice because they're not adequately identified or defined.

"Early evidence out of the BCCDC survey on COVID-19 misinformation showed the importance of understanding our diverse communities' needs. Our Chinese, South Asian and Southeast Asian communities experience greater stress related to COVID-19 and a greater burden of COVID-19 stigma. Addressing stigmatizing language is one way we can help meet their needs.

- Harlan Pruden, educator with the Chee Mamuk program at the BC Centre for Disease Control and lead author of the guide.

This resource can support public and private practice physiotherapists working with patients during COVID-19, and beyond. You can review the Inclusive Language Guide in full, below, or on the BCCDC website

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