Muscle Tuner® Specialist Program

Muscle Tuner Specialist Program Information

Are you frustrated because you can’t unravel complex challenges in the allotted time or offer observable results soon enough? Are you dissatisfied that some patient’s results won’t hold? Are you concerned that some patients do not respond in a reasonable amount of time?

We provide instruction to easily awaken neurological connections so that your therapy becomes more effective. You will also obtain the know-how to target and resolve issues that cause resistance to holding onto gains. In addition, you will be able to further contribute to your patient's quality of life and be able to practice these processes in a mobile environment without additional equipment.

The Muscle Tuner® Specialist Program is a proven system based on over 40 years of applied research originating from physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic and acupuncture. We have distilled key information from this massive collection and make it convenient for you to achieve home-run results without investing a lot of time. We are different because our proprietary techniques quickly identify and deal with over-energized muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia which often block rehabilitation efforts.

We offer a combination of online ‘learn at your own pace’ training, an in-person seminar experience to ensure you can do it right, as well as an online group coaching forum where you can be part of a community and get all your questions answered. You won't be left unsupported.

 Are you curious to:

• acquire knowledge to accurately and safely perform 52 individual manual muscle tests

• efficiently select the best corrections to optimally facilitate muscles

• address range of motion issues and chronic pain in new ways

• release emotional stress trapped in tissues without ‘talk therapy’

• reset the body’s electrical circuits and increase neuromuscular integration

• become more efficient at improving strength & flexibility while reducing tension & pain

One of our satisfied customers states: “I found the Muscle Tuner® Specialist Program suited my professional needs. The series of videos and assignments were well done, very clear, and presented at the right pace so that I could follow all the techniques as they were demonstrated. This program offers a thorough system to pick up on subtle imbalances that could be missed in a traditional physiotherapy session. I like that we can also affect neurological connections and reflexes that indirectly improve general health.”  
~Simone Manfredi, BScPT.

We train individual therapists and also partner with clinics. To extend the effectiveness of your therapies, get rapid and durable results for your clients as well as getting noticed by WorkSafeBC and ICBC for your higher success rates, contact us, register for a ‘test-drive’ event, or get enrolled today!

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Enroll anytime for the online portion of our Program.
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$987 includes all taxes and materials

Muscle Tuners International Inc.
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