Virtual Award Presentation 2020

Virtual Forum

Here at PABC, we foster excellence in practice, education, and research. As such, we recognize our valued members who go above and beyond to follow our mission by rewarding a variety of bursaries and awards. It is an interesting time for all of us as we adjust to the present COVID-19 situation, and due to this, the award presentation takes place electronically in 2020. We invite all PABC members to recognize the following award recipients and view the virtual prerecorded award presentation. 




PABC Virtual Awards Presentation

Presented by: Chiara Singh  

On behalf of PABC, we would like to thank Chiara Singh for presenting the first PABC Virtual Awards Presentation and for being a public practice physiotherapist herself. 

*This presentation is prerecorded and sadly, not a live event due to current circumstances.

Chiara Singh's Biography:

Chiara graduated from the University of British Columbia and has worked at the Surrey Memorial Hospital for over 20 years. Chiara is currently the Clinical Supervisor of the Maternity/Child/Youth and Surgical Programs and the Co-Chair of the Fraser Health Authority Physiotherapy Professional Practice Committee. 

Chiara has been involved in research in the field of oncology looking at arm morbidity after breast cancer surgery. She is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia. She is also active within the Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia (PABC) and currently is a member of the governance committee. 









Jane App is the continued Title Sponsor for the 2020  PABC Virtual Forum

Thank you to ICBC for being the 2020 Awards Presentation Sponsor 

Recipient Thank You

Click on the recipient photo to see those who have provided a video thank you or read their acceptance letter below their photo. 

Award of Excellence in Leadership: Laura Patrick


First, the inspiration for my leadership comes from the courageous and committed families who inspired me to create Kids Physio Group. Second, leadership requires a set of skills that I have honed with the help of exceptional mentors. Finally, I am blessed with an amazing team of colleagues, supporters and believers. My team at Kids Physio Group shares this honour with me.

Award of Excellence in Leadership: Natasha Wilch

"I am so excited to continue to inspire new physios and current physios, especially in this moment today "

~ Click on Natasha's photo to watch the entire acceptance speech 

Award of Excellence in Clinical Contribution: Silvana Echeverri 


It is an incredible honour to receive the award for Excellence in Clinical Contribution from PABC, an association that I admire so greatly. From the moment I was introduced to PABC as an MPT student at UBC, it has been evident to me how truly lucky we are in BC to have an association that cares so much about us! I'd like to thank those who nominated me for this award, as well as all of my patients, colleagues and MPT students who make me want to be the best clinician and mentor possible every single day. Thank you!


Award of Excellence in Lifetime Accomplishment: Patricia Grohne

 Thank you for the PABC Award of Excellence in Lifetime Accomplishment. I am honoured and humbled and would like to share this honour with the PTs from whom I have had help with all the projects over the years. My husband, Joff Grohne, has always given sage advice and technical help for which I am very grateful.
The enthusiasm and expertise of Rhona Burslem and Therese Lord, together with the members of the Advisory Committee made it possible to establish our B.C. History Archives. Thank you to Katherine Comberbach, from PABC, for posting our History Timeline on the PABC website. We are delighted and my thanks go to you all.

 Public Practice Physio in Focus Award: Danielle Fashler 

Danielle Fashler

Peter Huijbregts Memorial Award: Micheline Wong

Micheline Wong

Thank-you PABC and all those involved for bestowing me with this honour.  I'm excited to take my continuing education course (Neural Manipulation 5, Barral Institute), as well as continuing research and writing my book.  I look forward to telling you all about it in a future PABC newsletter!