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April 30th & May 1st - Fantastic Post-conference Workshops! 

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Antony Lo: The Female Athlete

About the Workshop: 

High-intensity exercise has been popular for decades. However, people like Jane Fonda, Les Mills, bootcamps, Obstacle Course Racing, and CrossFit have made high-intensity exercise very popular among female exercisers. The USA Weightlifting Federation has seen a significant increase in membership largely in part to CrossFit’s use of Olympic Weightlifting in its exercise programming. With such high-level physical challenges come concerns about how to manage common women’s health problems such as Incontinence, Pelvic Organ Prolapse (associated more with pelvic floor weakness) as well as concerns about exercising during pregnancy, and postpartum issues such as divarication of rectus abdominis, exercising after a Caesarian section, and lifting while breastfeeding.

This course will attempt to address these concerns about high intensity exercise in women, teach participants some of the common loaded movements and how to modify these exercises for different populations.

Course Objectives:

  • To provide a chance for health and fitness professionals to think about their thinking, models, biases, and beliefs and then to challenge them!
  • To provide a framework from which you can approach the acquisition of knowledge, assessment and management of Female Athletes
  • To provide a basic understanding of high intensity training (using CrossFit as a base model but including bootcamp, HIIT, Tabata, etc) for female athletes/participants
  • To provide participants with the tools to be able to communicate, assess and treat high intensity training athletes more specifically
  • To deal with ante-natal and post natal exercise considerations in high intensity exercise.
  • To provide an understanding of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction in exercise and appropriate modifications for impact and relatively heavy lifting exercises
  • To provide a way of utilizing “core stability” principles with a test-retest model using performance as a measure of effectiveness
  • To provide an overview of the common body weight and loaded movements involving the LPH, sound technique guidelines and appropriate modifications
  • To provide a realistic and practical balance between the biological and the psychosocial aspects in managing the high intensity training athlete, their Coaches and their expectations
  • To provide an understanding of the concepts of #tensiontotask, #spreadtheload, #variabilityiskey and #BulletproofPFRoutine

Theoretical and Practical content will include:

  • How to develop a test-retest system to ensure “buy-in” with your patient
  • How to use the test-retest system to assess cues, postures and positions during functional movements
  • How I teach “the core”, especially the pelvic floor and breathing, and how I integrate it into a lifting routine to maximize results, minimize pain and pelvic floor dysfunction symptoms
  • Ante-natal and post-natal “wisdom” for CrossFitters
  • How to use CrossFit with persistent pain patients
  • How to squat, deadlift, press, skip, box jump, run, and do abdominal work using “The Bulletproof Routine” for the Pelvic Floor
  • #tensiontotask
  • #spreadtheload
  • #variabilityiskey

Who is this course for?

  • This course will be suitable for MSK/Sports/Ortho/Women’s Health Physiotherapists, Athletic Trainers, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Personal trainers, Coaches and other interested health and fitness professionals.
  • This course is for women and men with female clients/patients (though this can apply to any athletic population)


Sunday, April 30th, 7:00am – 5:30pm 
Monday, May 1st, 7:00am – 5:30pm


TWP Fitness at 109-1851 Kirschner Rd, Kelowna, BC V1Y 4N7



Antony Lo is a physiotherapist from Australia and runs The Physio Detective service and My PT Education. He earned his degree from the University of Sydney and has been in practice since 1997 (old enough to see old things come back as new things!).

He completed his post-graduate Master in Manual Therapy (Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy) from the University of Western Australia and commenced his Specialization training in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy.

He has been involved in antenatal and postnatal education and management for his whole career. Through participation and through his work as a Physiotherapist at all levels of sport, coaching, and education, he has developed a model of treatment that utilizes the best from Sports Science, Musculoskeletal/Sports Physiotherapy, Pain Science, and Women’s Health research to provide a practical, realistic holistic model of care balancing the biopsychosocial model of healthcare with the best of historical assessment and management approaches.

He is privileged to teach health and fitness professionals around the world in person and online in addition to his clinical work. Antony has a wife and 3 beautiful children in the best city in the world – Sydney, Australia!

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Jean-Francois Esculier: Diagnosis and Treatment of Lower Limb Injuries

About the Workshop: 

Level up your clinical reasoning and diagnostic skills.

Assess people with lower limb injuries through an evidence-based framework.

Do you sometimes struggle with differential diagnosis, and finding the right treatment for your clients? Our 2-day Course 1.1 offers an opportunity to learn and practice clinical reasoning frameworks using the perfect combination of the latest science and hands-on practical skills.

Sometimes, the wrong diagnosis can lead to the wrong treatment plan, and patients not getting better. Or worse, they may not even come back. Taking a deep dive into evidence-based differential diagnosis will help you:

  • Learn the best clinical tests to include or exclude diagnostic hypotheses of lower limb injuries
  • Master cutting-edge clinical reasoning skills and frameworks to assess injured athletes
  • Develop clinical expertise in diagnosing complex cases and recommending appropriate treatments
  • Position yourself as a reference for your colleagues and peers in the medical community

Streamline your assessment approach

This course is complementary to 1.0 Fundamentals of Running Injuries, and they can be done in no particular order. No prerequisites are required to take this course, other than being a healthcare professional.

Course 1.1 covers the essentials for diagnosing both traumatic and non-traumatic lower limb injuries.

Upon completing this two-day course, you will be fully equipped to combine the most appropriate tests to rule in or out the most common lower limb injuries in runners, athletes and active populations.

Seize this opportunity to hone your clinical reasoning skills with feedback from our expert clinicians through hands-on practice of more than 50 diagnostic tests and integrative case studies.


Sunday, April 30th, 8am – 5pm
Monday, May 1st, 8am – 5pm


Waterfront Ballroom- Manteo/Eldorado Resort, 3762 Lakeshore Rd in Kelowna.



Jean-Francois Esculier graduated in Physiotherapy from the University of Ottawa in 2009. He completed a Masters of research and a PhD at Université Laval on the topic of patellofemoral pain in runners (rehabilitation approaches, running biomechanics and footwear). He also did a 3-year postdoctoral fellowship at the University of British Columbia, where he conducted studies related to running and knee osteoarthritis. He is still an active researcher in those fields.

JF is a passionate clinician-researcher-educator. He acts as a Speaker at The Running Clinic since 2011, and also leads the Research & Development division which conducts research on running injuries. He’s a Clinical assistant professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of British Columbia, where he teaches to physiotherapy and medical students. JF practices as a clinician, working mostly with runners and triathletes through his clinic, MoveMed Physiotherapy, in beautiful Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.


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