Advocacy and Campaigns

Advocacy is an important part of the work PABC does to support and advance the interests of its members and the physiotherapy profession.

PABC's CEO, staff, Board, committee members, and other volunteers make up the strong advocacy groups that work behind the scenes on the initiatives that are pushed forward as PABC advocacy and campaigns. PABC staff and volunteers ensure the voices of BC's physiotherapists are heard.



Emergent issue:

Advocacy is sometimes required as issues present themselves and are not always a planned initiative. The presence of COVID-19 has resulted in several ripple affects that have required switching our focus to represent our members at meetings and beyond. One example is highlighting the issues for the Interim Physiotherapists and the Physiotherapy Competency Exam (PCE).

There are many moving parts to this advocacy initiative. You can expect updates as our work continues and news emerges. 

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