PABC Awards of Excellence


PABC believes that members who make an outstanding contribution to the profession should be recognized and honoured by their professional association and their peers. The PABC Awards of Excellence provide a way for physiotherapists who have promoted excellence in practice to be acknowledged and acclaimed by their professional community.


  • Lifetime Accomplishment
  • Leadership
  • Clinical Contribution
  • Professional Contribution


Lifetime Accomplishment Award
This award recognizes physiotherapists who have made ongoing contributions to the physiotherapy profession throughout their career (for a period of at least 25 years). Contributions may be in a variety of spheres, including but not limited to, one or more of the following:

  • Leadership which supports growth of and/or public or stakeholder awareness of the profession.
  • Education / Mentorship of students or clinicians.
  • Advancement of the profession, including contribution to evidence informed practice, increasing the body of knowledge, or expanding the scope and/or role of the profession.
  • Excellence in clinical practice.
  • Involvement in and/or support of professional association activities.


This award recognizes physiotherapists who have provided exceptional leadership to the profession for a period of at least 4 years. Excellence in leadership may include:

  • Involvement in activities that support, enhance, or develop political / public awareness of physiotherapists as core members of the healthcare team.
  • Motivating and mentoring others, including colleagues and peers.
  • Innovation and creativity in issues related to clinical practice.
  • Significant involvement in professional activities, internal and external to the workplace.


This award recognizes physiotherapists who have consistently demonstrated excellence in clinical practice over a period of at least 4 years. Excellence in clinical contribution may include:

  • Recognition as a leader in the area of the candidate’s clinical specialty.
  • Acting as a resource for others (e.g.: students, other health professionals, clients, or the public), and sharing knowledge with colleagues through various means (e.g.; lectures, articles, in-service education etc.).
  • Making an innovation or unique contribution to the field.
  • Demonstrating an evidence based and analytical approach to patient care through innovative assessment and treatment techniques.


This award recognizes physiotherapists who have made a significant impact on the profession in BC. Nominations should include specific activities that have contributed to, or assisted in, attaining the goals of PABC. Excellence in professional contribution include (but are not limited to):

  • Service on PABC Board / District executive; committees, task forces, working groups, projects, and volunteering to assist with events and activities.
  • Contribution to increasing awareness of physiotherapy issues within the profession.
  • Increasing the body of knowledge of the profession through research or knowledge translation.
  • Contribution to the education of others (Contributions may be in any educational setting related to physiotherapy (e.g.: undergraduate / graduate education, client education, continuing professional development, support worker education).


  • The PABC Awards Committee will review the nominations and make the selection.
  • Selection will be made based upon information provided to the committee. No additional information will be sought.
  • If in a calendar year there are no suitable nominations, no award will be declared.


Awards will be presented at the annual BC Physio. Recipients will receive a certificate, and reimbursement for travel expenses to the Forum.


  • Nominations to include:
  • A completed nomination form
  • A nomination letter from a current PABC member (maximum 4 pages) which must include the following criteria:
  • Include as much background information about the candidate as possible
  • Explain in detail why the candidate deserves the award. Please provide detailed examples of the types of activities, programs, etc. in which the nominee has been involved with and provide specific information that supports the candidate’s nomination for the award
  • Provide any relevant quotes surrounding the nominee and or the nominee’s achievements
  • At least 2 one-page letters of support from PABC members. Up to 3 additional letters of support from non-physiotherapists may be submitted, for example from patients, clients, or inter-professional team members
  • Any other relevant documentation (e.g.; copies of published articles, newspaper reports, letters of appreciation, previous citations, or any other evidence of the nominees contribution and excellence)
  • Note: Candidates must be current PABC members; retired members are also eligible.


  • Nominators must be members of PABC
  • Candidates must be current or retired members of CPA-PABC
  • Candidates must have been practicing and been active in the profession for at least 4 years

Award recipients and their nominators will be notified within 1 month following the nomination deadline. More than one award may be given in any of the categories each year. No award will be declared in a category if there is no strong nomination.

Mail or email nominations to:
Physiotherapy Association of BC
#402, 1755 W Broadway class
Vancouver BC, V6J 4S5 class

Phone: 604-736-5130 ext. 3