Digital Decades and 2010 Winter Games 2000-2019

The 2000's

With the introduction and improved accessibility of high-speed internet, the 2000's were a time of digital exploration; getting familiar with the keyboard and finding a voice in the online world was common practice for many, including PABC.

During these two pivotal decades, PABC began efforts to connect the public in many ways, including digitally, to BC physiotherapists' work. These efforts first began with the inaugural launch of the Find-a-Physio online tool in 2000. Further digital awareness and advocacy work launched by way of various exciting campaigns such as ICBC Head Restraint Safety Campaign (2000), Road to Mobility Video Campaign (2009), Sportphysio2010 blog (2010), Moving for Life Campaign (2011), and Physio Can Help Campaigns (2017- 2020). PABC has also collaborated with Doctors of BC's on the Walk With Your Doc event. These campaigns have gained exposure via social media and web presence. They continue to provide the necessary connections between physiotherapists and the diverse communities across BC.

In 2005 PABC again hosted CPA’s National Congress in Victoria. The Congress promoted contact and interaction among the 6000+ physiotherapists in attendance as well as provided a forum for the reporting of research and the dissemination of specialized information. The 2007 World Physiotherapy Congress and 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games were two events where physiotherapists, specifically PABC members, were featured on the world stage. Held once every four years, the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT) Congress proved to be a great event as over 6,000 physiotherapists gathered for the 15th quadrennial conference. PABC was responsible for the volunteer program, and members made up the highest percentage of Canadian attendees. The theme for the conference was Moving Physical Therapy Forward and was seen as a unifying theme encompassing global change.

As with the World Congress, many PABC members were volunteers and took part in both the Olympic and Paralympic Games supporting all athletes. Read more about it here.

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Find-a-Physio Online Tool Launched

PABC launched a searchable online directory of physiotherapists – ‘Find-a-Physio’ in 2000. The directory included over 1,100 physiotherapists in private clinics, hospitals, rehabilitation centres, public health, and community organizations. The tool is used by many including physiotherapists, general practitioners, members of the public, and health-and-wellness clinics across British Columbia.

PABC website - Find a physio

PABC New Website Launch, 2019

On October 22nd, 2019 PABC launched the redesigned website with an innovative and comprehensive Find a Physio tool, extensive resource library, exciting new marketplace posting pages, and much, much more. 

From launch date to end of December 2020, 124, 923 unique visitors viewed various pages 614, 549  times! That's a lot of eyes on our members.

Are you curious about the evolution of a physiotherapist's uniform over the past 100 years?

History of Physiotherapy Uniforms

Winter Olympics and Paralympics Vancouver, 2010

The XXI Winter Olympics and Paralympics was an exciting time for all Canadians as they were hosted in  Vancouver, BC.  92 physiotherapists, including many of Canada’s top sport physiotherapists were in Vancouver and Whistler to ensure the athletes were able to perform at their highest level. 

Olympics and Paralympics logo 2010

Read more about the physiotherapists involved in the Winter Games and PABC's Olympic initiatives here.

Fun Fact

In 2012, the Canadian Society of Association Executives recognized PABC's Physio-4 initiative as the Best New Program in its membership, and granted us the Association Cornerstone of Excellence (ACE) Award. The Physio-4 campaign highlighted how PABC members keep British Columbians Moving for Life.



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Martha Piper

Dr. Martha C. Piper: who holds a BSc in physical therapy from the University of Michigan and was the Director of McGill's School of Physical and Occupational Therapy, became UBC's 11th President (from 1997 to 2006). Martha was the first woman to serve in this position. She also served as interim president from Sept. 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016 while the university conducted a comprehensive, global search for a new leader. 

“The profession of physiotherapy has endless opportunities. It is rewarding at every turn and our new therapists can choose so many activities that they can pursue – OR, THEY CAN BE PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY!”

Quote from Darlene Redenbach:

Read more about Darlene Redenbach's story -  Fifty Years of Physio, and more from other physiotherapists in the Pioneer Stories section.

PT Pioneer Stories

Fearlessly forging paths and moving mountains, these PT pioneers were central in making industry-changing strides that served physiotherapists and their patients for years to come.

PABC Outreach Campaigns

Physio Can Help 2017

In 2015, PABC implemented the Choose To Move Campaign, which provided a general overview on the value of physiotherapy. As a follow up, the association developed the Physio Can Help campaign, which launched in 2017. This promotional initiative showcased a specialized view of physiotherapy to help enlighten individuals on the different ways in which physiotherapy can make a positive impact on the day-to-day lives of British Columbians.