• Exercise as Medicine

    What if doctors could write a prescription that would slow the growth of cancer, treat depression, prevent cognitive decline and help patients live longer and stronger? They can, according to Australian physiologist and professor Prue Cormie, whose research has led the Clinical Oncology Society of Australia to recommend exercise be added to the treatment regime of cancer patients.

  • ICBC Announcement Increases Access to Physiotherapy

    The provincial government and ICBC have announced new regulations for the treatment of people injured in motor vehicle accidents. These changes create a care-based car insurance system in B.C. that will provide increased care. New regulations, coming into effect April 1 2019, will increase ICBC accident benefits for anyone injured in a crash regardless of fault.

  • Drug-free approach to pain management

    A 2017 report from the National Initiative for the Care of the Elderly suggests the opioid crisis now impacts more older adults. Physical therapy can be an effective first step in addressing many common sources of pain, like those in the back, knee, and shoulder.

  • Physio Faces: Terry Fedorkiw, Practising in the Soul of Canada

    Terry Fedorkiw immigrated from Ireland to B.C in 1973 and rather than settle in Vancouver and take a position at GF Strong she had been offered, Terry chose to move her physiotherapy practice to northern B.C. in search of “the real” Canada. She fell in love with the landscape, lifestyle and people. 45 years later, Terry says “I came up here to get to the soul of Canada, with no intention of staying, let me tell you. The rest is history,” from her private practice clinic in Prince George.

  • Physical therapy is very effective for Infant CMT

    Physical Therapy Management of Congenital Muscular Torticollis: A 2018 Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guideline:  From the APTA Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy

    Physical therapy is highly effective in treating infant congenital muscular torticollis (CMT) – “twisted neck” or “wryneck”- says the newly updated clinical practice guideline. Early intervention is key to reduced risk of needing more invasive interventions.

  • Physiotherapy's history in BC is full of pioneers

    PABC member and long-time physiotherapist, Patricia Grohne, made a deathbed promise to preserve the history of physiotherapy in B.C. She shares part of that fascinating ‘Story of the Physiotherapy History of British Columbia’ with Dave Nicolls and the International Physiotherapy History Association in New Zealand.

  • Yoga & Physiotherapy: Working together

    Looking for evidence to incorporate yoga into your exercise plan? Look no further! This study shows that that yoga alleviates pain and improves joint function for people with knee arthritis.

  • World Physical Therapy Day 2018

    One in four people will experience a mental health condition of some kind in their lives. Exercise & being active bring a wide-range of health benefits for your mind & body.