• Infographic and Poster Documents

    As part of the National Physio Month and greater connections with physicians we have included an ad and an insert in the May issue of the BC Medical Journal.



    Check here for updates and links relating to the April 1, 2019 changes to ICBC.

  • Dr.Tasha Stanton, Forum 2019 Keynote Speaker, Extended Interview

    Our education manager Nathan Hers recently interviewed Dr. Tasha Stanton, a pain researcher from the Body in Mind research group. Dr. Stanton is an Associate Professor at the University of South Australia that conducts research into pain and perception and won the 2016 Rising Star Award from the Australian Pain Society. Dr. Stanton is keynoting our 2019 Physio Forum and will be discussing pain neuroscience and physiotherapy practice.

  • Physio Faces: Physio Yoga – A Power Combination

    When Kristie Norquay graduated from the University of Manitoba with her Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation in Physical Therapy, she felt there was more to her patients’ pain and injuries than just a physical component. “In school we learned about assessing and treating the physical body, but there wasn’t as much about the biopsychosocial side of things.”

  • Sun Run training: Tips for avoiding injuries

    Believe it or not, 50 per cent of runners get injured every year. Most injuries are caused by doing “too much, too soon”. Here are four tips to help avoid being injured.

    #1: Listen to your body

    Adaptation is key, and some runners need more time to reach the end point of the same schedule. Adjust your program according to signals from your body. Muscle soreness after starting a new activity can be normal. However, joint or tendon pain is not.

    #2: Be attentive to change

  • ICRC celebrates 30 years of physical rehabilitation

    Read the story of a 5 year old who was fitted with an orthosis and is now a physiotherapist at a rehab centre in Afghanistan. Nearly 178,000 disabled citizens have been treated at limb-fitting centres run by the ICRC there. 

    International Committee of the Red Cross, 23 Jan 2019

  • Profiles of Excellence: Trinity Physiotherapy, Sport & Wellness

    What’s in a name? For the team at Trinity Physiotherapy, Sport & Wellness, the answer is simple: everything.

    The clinic, which opened in October 2017, offers a spectrum of services including physiotherapy, massage therapy and personal training. Owner and physiotherapist, Stephen Barclay says the name is an important reflection of the clinic’s values and approach.

  • Exercise as Medicine

    What if doctors could write a prescription that would slow the growth of cancer, treat depression, prevent cognitive decline and help patients live longer and stronger? They can, according to Australian physiologist and professor Prue Cormie, whose research has led the Clinical Oncology Society of Australia to recommend exercise be added to the treatment regime of cancer patients.