Other Coverage

Find out about other types of coverage for physiotherapy

Direct Payment 

If you are not eligible for coverage through ICBC or WSBC and do not have coverage under a health benefits plan, you will need to pay for your treatment. Fees are set by each clinic separately, as are payment options. Consult your clinic to learn more.

Disability Assistance

When you’re on disability assistance the amount of financial support you receive depends on the size of your family. It also depends on whether another person in your family has a Persons with Disabilities designation.

With this designation, you and your family members may be able to access Extended Medical Therapies, including physical therapy. In order to access these services, a medical practitioner or nurse practitioner must confirm an acute need and there must be no other resources available. This supplement is available under the Employment and Assistance Regulation and Employment and Assistance for Persons with Disabilities Regulation.

For more information on Extended Medical Therapies coverage and Disability Assistance, visit the Province of British Columbia website.
Some Extended Medical Therapies such as physiotherapy may be partially covered by Medical Services Plan (MSP) premium assistance for individuals receiving disability assistance. Click here for more information about the policies and procedures.

Use the Health Supplements & Programs Rate Table to find more details about coverage maximums in the event you are eligible according to the Medical Services Plan (MSP) premium assistance policy.

You can also compare the Medical Services Plan (MSP) premium assistance to other Health Supplements potentially available to you for your Extended Therapy treatments in the Health Supplements Summary Table.