Best price. $300 - $450 only, Electronic high - low treatment tables. Fully adjustable for height and position of both head and foot of bed.

Treatment table picture fully adjustable

Two beds available that are electronically controlled. They have some wear to their surfaces (see attached pictures). This is a great price for electronic beds.

The height of the beds is adjustable electronically. The head and foot of the beds are also manually adjustable independent of the height (see pictures).

Please note that one of these beds had an episode where the electronic adjustment stuck. It is working fine now. Because of this, we will sell this bed for $300. The second bed is available for $450.

This is a great price for electronic beds with option for both head and foot adjustments.

Dimensions: length: 71 inch, width: 24 inch, height (ranges from 24-34 inch)

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Physiotherapy equipment for sale
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Manu Nijjar
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