High earnings, fun and flexibility while empowering lives! Build your dream career with us! Chilliwack

Kim, Empowering Lives as an in-home physiotherapist.

Flexibility, Empowerment, Compassion

Would you like more control over your time? To maximize your earning potential as a physiotherapist? And be surrounded by a caring supportive team?

Physio2U is looking for our next physiotherapist to support our mission of Empowering Lives to all residents of Chilliwack. Physio2U is the largest mobile therapy business in western Canada serving clients in their home, office, or community facility. Founded in 2012 by Kim Hall, the company has excellent systems and operations team in place to support the therapist team, making it easy for you to focus on clients. Built on values of compassion, flexibility, and exceeding expectations we go above and beyond for clients, and our team. We know life comes first, and you have flexibility to build the life of your dreams. When you exceed expectations at Physio2U, you are rewarded.   


  • Highly value your time, scheduling to get the most out of life!
  • Are independent, and enjoy being self-directed
  • Love singing loudly to the radio in the car! Or listening to podcasts while on the road!
  • Think fast, and text faster, you seamlessly manage communication through your day
  • Get super pumped when a client reaches a goal, whether that’s running a marathon or getting out of bed on their own
  • Feel your heart swell with pride and joy when you see your work positively impact their lives of your clients, and their families
  • Always RSVP to the party! Enjoy getting together with colleagues to have a beer, go for a hike, or do a family-friendly activity like rock climbing or bowling
  • Love learning, and get excited hearing and talking about new concepts and treatment methods
  • Want to develop relationships with clients, rather than rush through appointments


  • Care about our team, and work hard to support not only their case load, but most importantly, their pursuit to be awesome happy healthy humans 
  • Optimize your earning potential, and wealth building, by providing high rates, bonuses, and financial education
  • Love learning and socializing! We provide a mix throughout the year of team meeting with inservices, and social activities and parties, all based on the needs of our team
  • Believe work should be easy and fun! With well-established business processes, and a caring and service-based office team we do all the admin work!
  • Empower you to grow professionally by providing an Education Fund

Covid-19 Safety

During the COVID pandemic we have taken extra steps to protect our therapists. We are following all recommendations from PABC and CPTBC. Physio2U largely serves older population, many of whom are vaccinated or will be soon as the vaccine is now available to those 55yrs and older. The clients that need Physio2U have mobility challenges, and leave home very limittedly, making them and their home environments very low-risk. Working independently , outside of a clinic environment, you will be exposed to fewer people, as you will interact with the office team remotely.

If you want flexibility, control over your earnings, more time to connect and help clients get in touch with us today!

Visit the links below and get a closer look how we will empower you to grow personally and professionally.


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  • Yearly the team gets together to celebrate our successes. Click on the link below to view the Physio2U 2020 Annual Appreciation Party.


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Chilliwack BC

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Ena B.
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4+ Years
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