Dry Needling PT - Fulltime or Locum December 2020! Beautiful North Nanaimo

Advanced Health

Posting Effective: Fall/Winter 2020

Full-time Position available

Assessments: 60 minutes

Subsequent visits: 30 minutes

1 on 1 care ONLY

Telehealth: equipped and running smooth!

Who We Are: We are the fastest growing private-PT clinic in Nanaimo. Our mission at Advanced Health + Sport Clinic is to provide the greater Nanaimo area with the most cutting edge, research based, one on one care a patient may find and to foster a team atmosphere that fuels your passion for the profession.

Interested in Island Living? (CLICK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QhkFCt1HekQ)

For those who have lived in Nanaimo for any length of time, they will happily provide you with a laundry list of reasons why one may consider making the ‘Harbour City’ home:

  • The great outdoors: Get a suntan on sandy Blueback Beach, check out the views atop Mt Benson, swim in the fresh, clean waters of the Nanaimo river or Westwood Lake, hike to the epic Ammonite Falls, or hop in a kayak or canoe and explore the assortment of islands nearby of the Nanaimo shoreline.
  • Reasonable property rates: Earn big city money but live in a market where it can go MUCH further – build your dream house, acquire an acreage, or have capital left over annually to invest. Despite recent growth and development, a similar home/neighborhood in Victoria or Vancouver will still cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars more.
  • Central Location: you’re a 90 minute ferry ride from Vancouver, a 90 minute drive from Victoria, and a 2 hour drive away from Tofino. Nanaimo affords the space of a small town without sacrificing the big-town amenities while keeping you within reaching distance from everything.
  • “Island Pace”: Traffic? What’s that? In fact, MANY therapists and professionals here are able to bike to work thanks to our cycle-friendly trails and roads. If you live within the city limits? Your likely at work within 7-10 minutes. Add that up week to week, month to month, and year to year. That’s ALLOT more time to be enjoying activities and spending time with your loved ones!
  • Shop till your drop! Nanaimo has been among the top of North American cities (per capita) for shopping opportunities for decades. Vancouver Island’s largest shopping centre (Woodgrove Centre) is in North Nanaimo, with a handful of other malls nearby as well as a great variety of smaller boutique shops that add depth and character to the consumer experience.


What do WE Value? We are not just looking for great clinicians – we know there are plenty out there! We are looking for quality people first and foremost who are hungry for growth, humble for introspection, and eager to be part of a team that truly supports one another.

Our Operational Principles:

At Advanced Health and Sports Clinic we place a strong emphasis on looking at rehabilitation from the biopsychosocial perspective and are big advocates for providing patients with relevant and understandable pain neuroscience education to better help them understand and manage their conditions while also guiding our patients through active rehabilitation plans to help augment any manual therapy interventions provided in the clinic.

Our clinic presently houses 6 fully booked private practice PT’s that work primarily in the field of orthopedic physiotherapy, concussion management, and sports rehabilitation. We are a BIG supporter of the local sports community and consequently have a very active, fun, and adherent patient population to work with.  

High-Demand Clinical Skills That We Are Seeking:

  • Acupuncture and dry-needling (IMS)**
  • Manual and manipulative therapy
  • Vestibular rehabilitation
  • Concussion management
  • Pain neuroscience education
  • Soft tissue modalities (manual therapy, IASTM, etc)
  • Exercise science and customized prescription
  • Pelvic floor rehabilitation

We highly value career and personal growth via continuing education and want to support your goals and professional pursuits. Monetary incentivization (bonuses) will be provided for those who wish to pursue specific advanced credentialing.


We provide highly lucrative fee splits based upon experience and clinical skills with possible incentivization for high demand skill and further professional growth (inquire for further details!).

We offer both employee or contractor options based upon the personal preference of the therapist.

Dry Needling Signing Bonus(es):

$2,000.00 signing bonus eligible for therapists already trained in IMS or Functional Dry-Needling.

Level of Experience Preferred: Experience and high-level skill is an asset are looking for ... but we will never shy away from a motivated new graduate that wants to build caseload, learn, and acquire skills on the fly!

If you’re interested and want to start a dialogue – reach out today and we’ll be happy to get to know you better and explore the opportunity!

Employer Location

203-5160 Dubin Way
Nanaimo BC v9t0h2

Advanced Health + Sports Clinic
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Jake Lussier
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Private Practice
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4+ Years
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