Summer & Fall 2021 Vestibular Rehabilitation Courses - Online & in-perosn

All Vestibular Rehab courses are currently online. In the Fall of 2021 live in-person courses return in conjunction with online courses. Online courses are live streamed with opportunities to ask questions and discuss content. The courses will be recorded and the videos are available to participants to view.
Courses are happening at various dates and times from June until November, 2021.
Bernard Tonks is the instructor for all of the courses.
A selection of Webinars are available for purchase.
Live in-person courses return in the Fall of 2021 with courses in Toronto, Montreal and Edmonton.
A Brief Introduction to Vestibular Rehabilitation
An Introduction to BPPV
Management of Complex BPPV Cases,
Enhancing VOR Assessment & Gaze Stability exercises,
Vestibular Rehabilitation: A Comprehensive Introduction
Advanced Vestibular Rehabilitation
Managing Dizziness in Post-Concussion Syndrome

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There are multiple courses occurring on a variety of dates and times.
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The tuition fees vary per course
On-line and In-person

Dizziness & Balance Rehab Clinic
Victoria BC

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