Pelvic Health Fundamentals: a clinical reasoning course (Jan - Mar '24)

Photo of the instructors, Trish and Anniken

Pelvic Health Fundamentals is designed to cover all the common presentations of pelvic floor conditions for cis women and people with vulvas. It is designed specifically for physios who have learned how to do pelvic exams and need help piecing everything together.

We cover pre and post-natal physiotherapy; stress urinary incontinence, over active bladder, urgency, frequency, bowel basics, prolapse and vulvo-vaginal pain. We do not cover complex pain, trauma, RTUS, or more complex ortho / PF integration in this course - more to come ;)

We provide a clear framework for clinical reasoning and differential diagnosis for the cause of these presenting problems. We offer treatment ideas for these causes then build upon this with common presentations to help participants reason through why A causes B, and why X, Y and Z are often seen together. Testimonials tell us that the course is helpful in piecing together ortho and PF knowledge and reasoning.

This course is designed so you can clearly reason through all the data from an assessment, and plan accordingly. It's designed to take you away from guessing or automated treatments and gain clarity on what you know and where to go.

Course participation also offers 3 months free for our online community where you can ask questions anytime, attend open office hours and receive bonus workshops.

Find out more:

  • See our instagram page for some behind the scenes clips from the course (@thecheerfulacademy)
  • the attached PDF offers a sample of our reasoning frameworks. Every condition gets a wheel comprised of all the potential influencers for the symptom; how to assess and treat each influence; common patterns, the full journey for clients to get to optimal recovery, and case studies
  • Listen to this podcast where we talk all about our why behind the academy and this course

The Cheerful Academy was designed to bridge the gap between attaining the knowledge and skills from pelvic health courses and integrating them into practice with confidence, clinical competence, and solid reasoning skills,

Our structure and approach were developed from our internal mentorship programs at The Cheerful Pelvis, where we have mentored many clinicians in the pelvic health journey. We know what the gaps are, and we have learned how to help you fill them. We provide a balance between structured frameworks for reasoning and space for coaching to allow participants to move forwards in their own way and at their own pace. Our live cohort learning model leverages community for diversity of insight and transformational learning.

Instructors: Trish Gipson and Anniken Chadwick

Trish and Anniken have both been practicing in pelvic health for over 10 years. Trish is FCAMPT certified and Anniken has post-grad training in somatic psychotherapy and education. Both have taken Diane Lee's ISM series which hugely influenced their pelvic health practice. Anniken is the owner of The Cheerful Pelvis, where Trish is the Director of Clinical Services.


This course is an absolute must for practitioners working in pelvic health, it is the missing piece that helps to consolidate pelvic health information that has been gathered through various other courses. Both Trish and Anniken make you feel comfortable in asking question and sharing responses. I would highly recommend! - Nicole Randhawa, past participant

Honestly this course was one of the best I've taken as I really felt I was able to introduce the concepts into my practice immediately--I think I've improved as a therapist over the past eight weeks. - Lindsay Bell, past participant

The clinical reasoning framework that this course provided is so incredibly helpful. This is exactly what I needed to help give me some direction and to organize my thoughts in a way that made me feel like I was on the right track. - Shannon Champion, past participant

Anniken and Trish facilitate a welcoming and judgement-free learning environment where they encourage clinical reasoning, question-asking and really understanding the "why" behind what we do as pelvic physiotherapists. This course really helped me grow as a pelvic physio and increased my clinical reasoning skills and confidence. - Madison McKiney, past participant and employee

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Live classes will be Fridays 10am-noon with recordings available. Open office hour schedule will vary (details on website).
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