Osteopathic Manual Practice Diploma Program - Vancouver/Vernon

Elevate your career with Manual Osteopathic Therapy

What is Manual Osteopathic Therapy?

Manual Osteopathic Therapy is a modality that falls between chiropractic and massage therapy. It is a gentle, hands-on approach that investigates mechanical disruptions to the body. Treatments examine the body as a whole unit and aim to correct both structural and functional areas of concern.

About the Program:

The Manual Osteopathic Therapist Program is a 1210-hour course held over a period of 60 weeks. This diploma program includes in-class days, home study, case studies and a clinical homework component. Below is a summary of the practical training:

-          Specialized assessments of osteoarticular structures and fascia

-          Mobility and motility of organs

-          Cranial Osteopathic Therapy and Lymphatic Osteopathic Therapy

-          Advanced Literary Skills

-          Advanced corrective manual techniques

-          Ethics

-          Marketing & Communications

-          Research methods

-          Clinical Objectives

The program exceeds the World Health Organization Type II Training Benchmark for Osteopathic Manual Practice and focuses on new learning, building on concepts you are already familiar with as a practicing physiotherapist.


Benefits for Patients and Practitioners:

Incorporating Manual Osteopathic Therapy into your practice benefits both you and your patients in several ways. Among them are:

·         Whole-Body Approach. Manual Osteopathic Therapy examines the body as a whole to correct both structural and functional areas of concern.

·         Gentle Techniques. Manual Osteopathic Therapy uses hands-on techniques that are gentle on the patient and the practitioner.

·         Additional Billing Number. Obtaining an additional billing number allows your patients to see you for additional treatments.


About Manual Osteopathic College of Canada:

Manual Osteopathic College of Canada (MOCC) is an affiliate of Health & Wellness Colleges of Canada, which has been educating healthcare practitioners for 20 years.

MOCC’s diploma program boasts a flexible, inspired course schedule that fits around your life and current practice, allowing you to elevate your career without putting your life on hold. The school offers student-centered education and graduates safe, confident, ethical, professional, and effective Manual Osteopathic Therapists.

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For more information, contact MOCC at 1.877.902.8636 or info@moccanada.ca.

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This course is delivered in-person, approximately one weekend per month. Contact the organizer for a class schedule.
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Tuition, books & supplies: $15,085.00
On-line and In-person

Manual Osteopathic College of Canada
Vancouver or Vernon BC

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