Occupational Health Education Bundle Package for Physiotherapists

Occupational Health Educational Bundle For Physiotherapists

Occupational Health Education Bundle Package for Physiotherapists


  • 3 online courses | 7.5 hours of professional development
  • Improve client outcomes related to workstation ergonomics, vehicle ergonomics or manual handling
  • Learn at your own pace from your home or work with our easy-to-use online training platform
  • Take your newly learnt skills outside the clinic consult room to assist corporates and private clients in their workplace or home office
  • All 3 courses for only $249 AUD (Save $138 AUD as bundle compared to buying each individual course)



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Investment:                     $249

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Course:  Online workstation desk set up training for health professionals

Learning Objectives & Inclusions

  • Review of the modern-day workplace and typical work environments & challenges for workers and clients
  • Review ergonomic principles relating to the individual workstation
  • Review and implement a step-by-step process to setting up a worker or client at their workstation
  • Review the literature regarding office workstation ergonomics and how to implement this according to the worker’s or client’s needs
  • Discuss the common workplace issues relating to office workstation ergonomics and how to address these
  • Review common equipment accessories and considerations on when to prescribe these
  • Case based approach to working with a worker or client with a musculoskeletal complaint
  • 12 learning modules and multi choice quizzes to assess your learning
  • Certificate of completion provided at the completion of the course for your professional development requirements


Course: Online Vehicle Ergonomic Considerations for The Health Professional

Learning Objectives & Inclusions

  • Review OHS/WHS and how this relates to vehicle ergonomics for the worker
  • Review the 4 main elements of vehicle ergonomics that relate to the physical domain of ergonomics
  • Apply the 4 key elements to a range of vehicles that include cars, trucks, vans
  • Learn how to assess and implement better practices for entering and exiting vehicles
  • Learn how to advise clients and workers to improve their vehicle seat set up
  • Learn how to review and educate clients and workers on better strategies to work within the vehicle
  • Review storage and manual tasks relating to vehicle
  • Certificate of completion provided at the completion of the course for your professional development requirements


Course: Online Manual Handling Train the Trainer for Health Professionals

Learning Objectives & Inclusions

This course has been designed to walk you through a step-by-step process of what you should consider incorporating into your manual handling face to face course for the worker who performs manual tasks within the workplace

  • What is manual handling and what manual handling training should include
  • Workplace and worker duties and consultation requirements
  • Defining hazard, risk and risk control levels
  • Hazardous manual tasks - a review of how injuries occur
  • A review of manual handling techniques, including lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, restraining, and grasping
  • Manual handling in the office case study examples and strategies


Your Educators

Wade Brennan (physiotherapist) and Heath Williams (osteopath) have 15 years experience working in the field of occupational health.  Heath and Wade have worked extensively in the workstation ergonomic space and have assisted 100s of corporations and 1000s of clients during this time.  They have assisted organisations in implementing preventative and educational strategies for entire businesses as well as individuals in addition to assisting workers in acute and chronic injury management and return to work. 

Wade Brennan has previously been a member for the Australian Physiotherapy Association QLD OHS committee and currently works as a consultant for Corporate Work Health Australia and Move Injury & Disability Support. 

Heath Williams has been recognised by Osteopathy Australia as their first titled occupational health osteopath (vocational) as well as sat on the inaugural occupational health committee for Osteopathy Australia.  Heath currently lectures the osteopaths at Victoria University and Southern Cross University in ergonomics. 

Heath and Wade have been teaching post graduate courses in the areas of office workstation ergonomics, vehicle ergonomics and manual handling for many years, having now taught 100s of osteopaths, physiotherapists, chiropractors, exercise physiologists and myotherapists.

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